Copyright Policy

Creative Commons LicenseCopyright © 2006 - 2010 FIRE Finance. All articles along with the design of this site are copyrighted. If you use these articles for derivative articles please give references or ask us for the articles.

You may use short quotes or excerpts (up to a paragraph) from FIRE Finance as long as you give us our due credit. Quoted material should be in quotation marks in its exact original form and we should be accredited with a link immediately before or after it.

What credit do we expect?

Kindly always provide a hyper link of the article from which you've quoted us. If you are printing the quoted material you must print the entire url of the post.

For example: If you use a quote from a post titled "Top 7 Energy Saving Tips for this Summer", then you should link to the post's url i.e. and not simply The same applies for printed media.

Reprinting rights?

If you plan to reprint our articles at your blog, site or some other publication (web or paper), please contact us with your request. Only after obtaining proper permission from us can you go ahead with your plan. Usually we would expect to be compensated for reprint rights. You cannot reprint an entire article from our site without our approval.

Copyright Violation and/or Misuse?

Of late we've taken a serious stance against plagiarism. Whenever we find a site scraping our RSS feeds or republishing our posts illegally we file formal complaints at various agencies like Google, the site's advertisers, the DMCA department of their web hosting company and so on. Usually we don't rest until they stop stealing our content or are de-listed from search engines.

Having said all that, we would like to sign off with the positive note that we love to play a fair game. Lets all play it fair and be at peace!