MovieLink - Your online movie lender with FREE membership for all

We enjoy watching movies on the hi-tech sleek digital flat screen monitor of our computer. Most chains with physical stores like Blockbuster or Hollywood Rentals charge membership fees for renting DVDs or Videos to their customers. But we can save the $10-$15 membership fees per year by using an online movie rental service like MOVIELINK.

They have FREE membership for all. Customers pay only when they download a movie from their website. Movielink is an authentic movie rental service. It does not belong to the genre of umpteen peer to peer online movie download sites, the legality of whose services are questionable. So far we have been pretty satisfied with Movielink's download speed and the quality of their movies. They have a good collection of movies in various categories. Recently they have also started selling DVDs at affordable prices.


  • Free Membership for all - Customers pay the rental fee of the movie when they download one.
  • Every week they usually offer a 50% off the rental fees of a particular genre of movies like comedy, family, romance, etc.
  • You can easily connect your TV to your PC to watch the downloaded movies from the comfort of your couch.
  • There is a discount of 25% on all rental fees for college students and military personnel.
  • They offer $20 Movie Cards which can be used to watch upto 10 movies at $1.99 each.
  • From Monday through Thursday, they offer a Surprise Movie each day for $0.99 !!
  • The movies have a 24 hour viewing period. If we want to keep the movies for another 24 hours then we can do so by paying $0.99.
  • After we download the movies on our PCs or laptops we can keep them upto 30 days before we view them. This feature allows us to download our favorite movies on our laptops for viewing them later while we are flying or travelling.
  • DVDs can be purchased online for $9.99 or less and / or $14.99 or less.

We also found some useful coupons for Movielink. New customers can watch their first movie for $0.99 or less by using the coupon code FIRST99.

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