Experiences - $25 Worldwide Bonus !!

A couple of weeks ago, we received $25 as an account opening bonus from HTH Worldwide Bank. We had opened a Personal One Point Checking account with as little as $10 and within 90 days received the $25 bonus! We had done a brief post on this deal in Feb 2006. This checking account from HTH Worldwide is a convenient no frills online checking account which is free. The best part is that there are no minimum balances required and there is no account maintenance fees. Also, the checking account comes with easy online access and free bill pay.

But there is one catch - the ACH transfers out of the account are NOT free, there is a charge of $1.50 per ACH transfer. We withdraw money out of our account using checks or free bill pay. Another beauty about opening the online checking account with HTH Worldwide is that we could fund the account using our credit card (upto a maximum of $500) with no fees charged for the transaction either by HTH or our credit card company. This gave us access to $500 from our credit card for a month before we paid it off when the monthly statement was generated !! Further we got 1% cash back from the credit card for this transaction. This has really been a win-win deal for us and we really thank HTH Worldwide for such a sweet promotion.

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