10% Cash Back - AT&T Universal Rewards Card from Citi

If you are using AT&T's phone, internet (DSL) or cellular products and services then Citi has a cool deal for you. Citi's AT&T Universal Rewards Card is offering a superb 10% cash back for first 12 months and 5% thereafter on each dollar that we spend on AT&T products and services that matches the amount we spend on other purchases.
There is a 1% cash back on non AT&T purchases. This cash back is being offered through Citi's Thank You Network.

  • Cash Back Savings
    • For the first 12 months, we will earn 10% on each dollar we spend on eligible AT&T purchases that is matched by the amount we spend on other purchases.
    • After that we will earn 5% on each dollar we spend on eligible AT&T purchases that is matched by the amount we spend on other purchases.
    • Our card account will receive a savings based upon eligible transactions appearing on our current month’s billing statement. The savings will show on our Card Account as a statement credit as long as our Card Account is open and current.
    • The only eligible transactions for which we earn savings are AT&T consumer products and/or services purchased directly from AT&T, billed to our Card Account. AT&T consumer products and services must be purchased from www.att.com, www.telephones.att.com, AT&T owned stores or AT&T customer service centers.
    • Purchases from independent wireless dealers are not eligible, unless they are for payment of AT&T service.
    • We may save a maximum of $350 in any calendar year (eligible transactions appearing on your January-December billing statements).
  • No Annual Fee.
  • 0% APR for balance transfers for first 12 months, from the date of the first balance transfer.
  • AT&T Calling Benefits
    • 2 free directory assistance inquires per month.
    • Upto 30 free phone minutes each month.
    • Wireless phone loss & theft insurance reimbursement for replacement coverage.
  • Fine Print : Please read it carefully. Also glance through AT&T's Terms & Conditions.
If you are using AT&T's services and products then it definitely makes sense to use this card to increase your savings. We are looking forward towards your feedback and experiences with this product from Citibank.

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