Experiences - Finally Etrade shells out $50 bonus!

Way back in March 2006 we had published an Etrade MMA deal with a sign-up bonus of $50. We had availed this deal. Well, Etrade was supposed to give us the bonus within 30 days of account opening (which was sometime in March) and funding it with $100.

When we returned from our summer travels across USA (cross-country) and followed up with Etrade, the customer service representative politely informed us that there was no such promotion! We generally save the deals as pdf files and that actually saved the situation. Immediately we furnished her with the details of the promotion. She said that she will look into it and placed us on hold. After some time she returned to say that she would go ahead and credit the bonus to our account which should show up in the account within the next 5 business days. When we asked her why it was not credited within 30 days of funding the account (it was nearly 6 months now) she had no clue whatsoever.

Five business days came and went, but there was no bonus. We had to follow up three times about the bonus and finally it showed up after 4 weeks at the end of August 2006. Next we called Etrade to close the account and the story repeated itself. After much perseverance and several calls we finally managed to close the account at the end of September 2006.

Phew! It was a rough sail that entailed lots of hard work for $50 payout. Generally our bonus collections with Etrade had been smooth till date except this one which gave us lot of hiccups. Now we will be extra careful with Etrade and their deals. We request our readers to store a copy of the deal they are availing, its very handy in situations described above.

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