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Oct 23, 2012: OfficeMax's recycling program allows you to trade in ink cartridges and earn $2 per qualifying cartridge in rewards. You need to be a MaxPerks member to earn the rewards. There is a limit of recycling 10 ink or toner cartridges per customer per month. That implies you can earn a maximum of $20 in rewards in a month!

Qualifying cartridges are any visibly undamaged ink or toner cartridges. Excludes remanufactured cartridges of any brand.

There is no limit to the number or brand of ink/toner cartridges you may recycle. However, you will only receive rewards for the qualifying items and limited quantity noted. Also, the total amount of your recycling rewards issued cannot exceed your total qualified* purchase amount in your MaxPerks account.

Our Lexmark printer's empty ink cartridges were turned into cash $$ courtesy Office Depot. They are offering an exchange program where we can trade in an empty ink cartridge for a free ream of copy paper. Alternately, if we do not need a ream of paper, they are offering $3 off the price of a new ink cartridge (for the trade in). Moreover we found out that Office Depot has their own series of re-manufactured ink cartridges priced at about 87% of the price of an original Lexmark ink cartridge.

Now let us do the math.

The regular price of a black and white Lexmark ink cartridge for our All-In-One Inkjet printer at Office Depot is $32.99. We purchased Office Depot's re-manufactured ink cartridge for $28.99 which saved us $4. Adding the $3 discount (by trading in the empty ink cartridge) brought our savings to $7! That was a little more than 21% off the price of an original Lexmark ink cartridge.

This was a cool deal not only with respect to our savings but it also helps protect our environment through recycling. However, we have to check how Office Depot's re-manufactured ink cartridge runs on our printer. That will show whether the savings was really worth it or not. We have a feeling that it is going to work well since Office Depot is behind this brand. Office Depot is a trusted name and they have never given us a reason to complain till date.

Office Max is having a similar exchange program. They also have their own series of compatible or re-manufactured cartridges. Next time we shall check them out.

Summary: Savings per B/W Printer Ink Cartridge = $3 (empty cartridge trade-in) + $4 (Office Depot's own brand) = $7.

Normally we have to replace our B/W ink cartridges every two months. This implies we shall save $7*6 = $42 per year on our ink cartridges!

Note: Please note that the deals available at the brick and mortar stores of chains like Office Depot or Office Max vary from location to location. So before you actually set out, it might be a good idea to call the particular Office Depot or Max you are planning to visit and check if they are running the above promotion.

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