Frugal Tip - Wink, Flash And Get 50 Free Digital Prints This Christmas!

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This Christmas we needed to print quite a few photos to share with our parents, relatives and friends. So we were on the lookout for good deals for digital prints. But unfortunately most of the brick and mortar stores appeared pretty expensive even with their discount coupons factored in. Suddenly we remembered an article that we had read in a Carnival of Personal Finance. This article "How to print digital photos cheap" by gives an excellent review of the online stores for digital prints.

From the author's summary we found that picsquare was the cheapest with an effective price of around $0.086 per print. But when we went to picsquare, we found that the site was extremely slow. Their uploading software did not work properly. Later on it was taking ages for the photos to upload. The most probable reason for this problem might be the fact that picsquare's servers are located in India. So probably its taking time for the digital packets to hop from the US servers to the Indian ones. Or might be there was some other reason for their servers' poor performance when we tried them out.

Next we went to WinkFlash. Their effective price was around $0.14 per print. That includes the flat shipping and handling cost of $0.99 to ship any number of 4"x6" prints to any US address! Other online digital printers charge around $3 to $5 for an order of 50 prints or more. Thus WinkFlash saves us around $2 to $4 per order which is around $0.04 to $0.08 per print! Consequently their effective price for orders of 50 prints or more is around $0.10 to $0.06 per print.

Now for the sweet part. We found a couple of useful promotions by WinkFlash.
  1. The coupon code which enabled us to get 50 prints(4x6) free on our first order is WF23EA73. You can find more details about the coupon here.
  2. There is another promotion going on which gives 75 4x6 prints for only 5¢ each. The coupon code is MT47YE93. The details about this promotion can be found here.
Please remember to type in the coupon code when you check out.

WinkFlash is a US company with servers located in US. We could use their online photo upload software easily. Also the photos got uploaded at a reasonable speed. We placed an order of 50 digital prints and used the above mentioned coupon code. So our effective price for the entire order was $0.99! The order arrived within 5 business days and the quality of the prints are absolutely fabulous.

We thank ProBargainHunter for writing such a wonderful post. It not only got us 50 free digital prints but also enabled us to know about WinkFlash where we can get great digital prints at a fraction of the cost offered at traditional brick and mortar stores.

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