Free Money - Free Ipod Shuffle From AFCU!

American First Credit Union is offering a FREE iPod Shuffle if you sign up for any of their checking accounts with direct deposit in branch / online / phone.

  • Deal: Link
  • Goodies: iPod Shuffle 1GB. The iPod will be awarded after the first direct deposit is made to the account. Value of iPod may be reported as taxable income.
  • Expires: Offer good through 2/28/07 or while supplies last.
  • Minimum Opening Balance: $50.
  • Direct Deposit: $1000 per month or net check is required to qualify for the iPod. Initial direct deposit must be made within 60 days of opening the account in order to qualify for the iPod offer.
  • Limits: Members who already have a checking account do not apply. American First Credit Union employees are not eligible to participate. Limit one iPod per person and per household.
  1. A new iPod Shuffle costs $79. Considering the cost of the goodie being offered as a sign-up bonus we feel that the most optimized way of getting it is to open a Free Checking account.
  2. While applying for the checking account it would be a good idea to check when is the earliest time a person can close the account without paying any early closure fees.
  3. Point 2 is particularly important since there is a direct deposit requirement for $1000 per month. Also, it will be beneficial to know the exact definition of a net check. Earlier we have read at various forums that people fulfill the direct deposit requirements from their INGDirect online accounts. Before jumping on board we would caution you to check out what are AFCU's exact expectations about their "net check".

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