Frugal Tip - Turn Trash to Treasure!

Let us be honest. Most of the stuff in our garage is of little or no use to us. We acquiesce that a few of them may have some sentimental value but the rest can go. The usual way of creating more garage space is by doing a yard or garage sale during spring cleaning. If we are lucky and there is enough sunshine we may get few bucks for all those throw away articles. Another way out is to list few of the more valuable items on Amazon (not Ebay, remember it charges us dollars just for listing!).

Now there is a better way. Ka-Ching! Smile! How about swapping our old things for an item of similar value and more useful to us! Further, wouldn’t it be great to print the shipping label right from our computer and drop the packaged item in the mail box? Better yet, what if the matched items are selected from folks living in our neighborhood - just drop by, exchange the articles and socialize too!

SwaptreeSounds too good to be true! Well, click here to experience it firsthand. Here are Swaptree’s highlights:
  • Proprietary algorithm searches articles that we may get in trade for ours.
  • Various search options help narrow the search result i.e. customizable searches.
  • Print shipping labels from the comfort of your home.
  • Last but not the least - this service is totally FREE of cost!
  • Beware it could be addictive! :-)
Swaptree is still in beta. However, we expect it to grow into a successful venture pretty soon. We wish that we all find stuff of more value to us through this mutual exchange. Perhaps the whole would be greater than the sum of its parts. After all one man's trash is another man's treasure!
We wish Happy Swapping at Swaptree to one and all.

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