Postage Stamps - New Rates, Discounts & Customizations!

From May 14th USPS postage rates have changed. To increase popularity and add value, USPS has also introduced a new Star War series along with a new concept of Forever stamps! Here are the details on the new rates.

Rolls of unused 39 cents stamps can be reused by adding 2 cents stamps. Since we are nearly done with our 39cents stamps, we were on the lookout for deals towards purchase of rolls of stamps especially the new Forever stamps.

In the process we came across this promotion from Zazzle which allows us to print customized postage at great affordable rates! The idea of adding our own photos on our postage thrilled us to the core and we enthusiastically chose to explore this new game.

Zazzle is an approved USPS licensed vendor for creating customized postage. That takes care of the legal part. Now for the aesthetics. We can make every letter a special delivery with our own customized photo stamps.

  • No minimums and setup fee
  • Ships in 48 hours
  • One hundred sheets of twenty 41 cents customized stamps is priced at $12.99; if we order one sheet the price increases to $17.99.
  • Customize by adding own photos, designs, business logos and text.
  • Great idea for invitations, holiday cards and promotion.
  • Image formats supported: JPEG, PNG, GIF, or TIFF files.
  • Return Policy: Get 100% refund if you return the goods within 30 days of receipt even though the products are customized!

We are hooked to this cool idea. The customization costs from to $4.79 to $9.79 depending on the number of sheets (of twenty 41 cents stamps) we order. But we feel that it is a small price to pay to bring a smile on the face of our loved ones every time they receive a gift from us. To us, this is a simple act of giving with care which reaches out to the heart of the receiver.

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