Best Airfares Now Delivered Directly To Your Desktop!

Usually when we are searching for the best airfares we go to kayak or sidestep. However during our summer travels (in the last couple of months) we found that American Airlines was a steady winner in offering the cheapest prices to our chosen destinations. So we were delighted when we received a note from American Airlines announcing the birth of their FREE desktop tool for finding the best deals - AA Deal Finder!

With this tool finding and booking your travel at just became a whole lot easier. Here are the highlights of this great tool from American Airlines:
  • Tell DealFinder:
    • Where you want to travel
    • When you want to travel
    • How many people are traveling
    • How much you want to spend per person
  • DealFinder will let you know what the current lowest fare is and then keep looking for your desired fare.
  • When it finds a match to your desired fare, you'll receive a DealFinder Alert right on your desktop!
  • Once you customize your travel preferences with DealFinder, you will receive:
    • Desktop alerts of American Airlines sales to your favorite destinations
    • Personalized offers based on your travel interests
    • Exclusive discounts and promotions
  • DealFinder sends you American Airlines RSS feeds containing information on fare sales and special offers via the desktop module.
    • You can also receive RSS feeds from other websites that you are interested in, such as a news or weather site, according to your preferences
  • DealFinder lets you choose your view! Receive special offers via:
    • DealFinder Ticker
    • RSS Alert
    • Desktop Alert Message
  • DealFinder will advise you when your desired fare has been found!
  • Links
    • Download Deal Finder FREE
    • View Demo
If you fly frequently with AA and want to take advantage of their award travel, this is a very neat tool. The best part is that it is free. AA claims that their software does not come with any adware and spyware plus it is secure. However one caveat is that it is designed only for Windows users!
Please let us know your experiences about finding best AA fares with this new tool. In the meantime we wish all a great time with AA's new baby "Deal Finder"!

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