Carnival of Money Stories #23 - The FIRE Edition

RelaxWe welcome you all to The FIRE Edition of The Carnival of Money Stories. Pull up a chair, get your drink and relax with this nice offering of money stories from the personal finance blogosphere. For those of you who are visiting us for the first time, we request you to take your time and look around our site. There are many useful articles strewn around. Most of them deal with our personal experiences in investing and finance. The motivation behind setting up this site was to share our experiences as well as learn from other fellow souls, on our journey towards Financial Independence by Retiring Early.

The Carnival of Money Stories is about personal experiences on saving, investing, finance, money management, business ventures, tales of struggle and success stories. In an effort to adhere to the theme of about how you handle your financial challenges as well as your opinions on money and personal finance we have divided the carnival into two sections. The first section contains stories that are directly aligned with the theme while the second one contains stories that have a tangential bond with money and personal finances aka 'the theme'.

So lets get the carnival rolling and start the journey replete with fun, surprise and learning. Here comes the Money Stories.

FIREEdithYeung from EdithYeung.Com-Dream-Think-Act presents The Money Series – Steps to Create Passive Income.
This is a very well written post. It takes passion and perseverance to create and sustain a project. After all "Rome was not built in a day."

FIREEric Stanley from Personal Finance Blog Articles presents Are You Falling Into These 4 Frugality Traps?
Ha Ha! We bet each one of us have fallen for at least a couple of these.

FIREMr Credit Card from Ask Mr Credit Card's Blog presents Shopping For Apple iPod Docking Station With Reward Points.
Anyone looking for an ipod docking station, surf no further. You can start your research here.

FIRERob from The Dough Roller presents How College Cost Me $1.6 Million.
We believe it is more important to have a fulfilling life rather than possessing only a preconceived amount of money or a certain number of degrees.

FIRETrent Hamm from The Simple Dollar presents A Frugal Dilemma: Inheriting Stuff You Wouldn't Normally Use.
The real question is what is true frugality?

FIREAna from DebtFREE-Revolution presents Murphy attempts ? Foiled!.
We have always felt it is better to be safe than sorry. Necessities first, whims later.

FIRETeri Newton from Saving Advice Blog presents ID Theft - 7 Unauthorized Credit Cards Opened In My Name.
Now this is an unfortunate situation none of us would ever want to be in. Can we really have an impeccable plan that is impervious to such id theft attempts? Sadly enough much of it is beyond our control.

FIREMatthew Paulson from Getting Green presents How to Donate Wisely and Avoid Getting Defrauded by Phony Charities.
Matthew provides us with a nice list of dos and don'ts to make sure our hard earned dollars are gifted to a REAL charity. It always pays to be careful.

FIREMichael Shane Wilson from My Real Estate Investing Blog presents Financial Discipline and Control.
Truly simple tips for attaining the ever elusive financial discipline.

FIREMoneyNing presents from Personal Finance Blog by Money Ning Bankrate’s Top 10 Money Drains and Money Ning’s 10 Reactions.
Beware of these common habits which we often take for granted. They quietly drain away our dollars.

FIREFMF from Free Money Finance presents What I'd Do with a High-Paying, Unrewarding Job?
Can't stand your present job anymore? Here are some practical tips for a smooth transition without any loss of pay between jobs.

FIREStephanie from Stop the Ride presents Changing Times Mean a Change in Money Handling.
A simple but effective way to disciplined expenses and thus savings.

FIRESteve from QuestForAMillion presents How Much Should Fun Cost?
Its a good idea to check out how much an entertainment can cost you before you set out for it.

FIREPaidTwice from I've Paid For This Twice Already presents Teaching my 3 year old the value of two dollars.
A nice story demonstrating the principle of delayed gratification. If we can teach it to kids early on, it really helps in inculcating a habit of prioritizing and saving money.

FIREGlblGuy from Gather Little By Little presents You Never Know What Tommorrow Holds, So Be Prepared.
Real life incidents which show us some steps that we can take to mitigate the risk of unforeseen events in our lives.

FIRESave Money from How I Save Money presents Step Three to getting Rid of Debt.
Simple budgeting tips and how it can save us tonnes of money.

FIREMcmorlod3 from Speed and Detail presents Withhold Less Tax From Your Paycheck, Make More In The Longrun.
It pays to withold less tax from your paycheck and invest the money wisely elsewhere to earn interest for yourself. But we have to make sure that we do not withhold too less else we might end up paying penalty fees to IRS.

Now here comes the new twist to the Carnival's roller coaster. This section contains stories which are somewhat related to money. So hold on tightly and enjoy the ride!

FIREMoorea from Queercents presents Sleeping With Money: Sugar Mama.
Moorea had a stint as a stripper and a professional dominatrix. These items make her predisposed to both knowing about “Sugar daddies/mamas”.

FIREThomas Humes from Wealth Building World presents Retirement Income Planning - Getting Started.
The days of being able to retire on social security alone are long gone, and todays retirees must rely on personal investments and/or earnings as well. Whether you're 30, 40, 50 or 60, here are a few tips to get you on track for a rich and rewarding retirement.

FIREChris Russell from Productivity Planner presents Working Hard Does Not Produce Success.
Yes, we work hard to be successful, but we also have to choose to be successful. It is a decision. It is a conscious effort. It takes mental discipline. It is a deliberate mindset.
We have found that Effort, Timing and Grace are the necessary factors to be successful.

FIRETim Ramsey from My Debt Relief Blog presents Paying Down Credit Card Debt - 5 Key Points.
There are a number of no-nonsense, time-tested ways to conquer credit card debt. Here are 5 key points for eliminating your credit card debt and getting on the road to financial health.

FIREAllen Taylor from Investing World Today presents Credit Crisis - Fasten Your Golden Seatbelts.
For years, now, financial talking-heads have been telling us how the Feds credit expansion of six years ago would come back and bite us in the butts. Last week, it did just that.

FIREEric Hudin from presents My Estate Planning Career Blog Simple Tips to Organizing Your Vital Information - Are You Prepared?.
If you’re like most people, you have good financial records. Ideally, there is a central location where this information can be referenced and accessible to you, your spouse or your family.

FIREMatt Hanson from The Credit & Credit Card Blog presents Credit Card Fraud - How to Protect Yourself.
As technology has increased, so has credit card fraud. There are some simple steps that you can take to help protect yourself from credit card fraud.

FIREJason Elder from A Bankruptcy Lawyer's Blog presents Bankruptcy - Information and Myths You Need To Know.
You may heard lots of different things about filing for bankruptcy. It’s likely that a lot of this information is wrong. Find exactly what you need to know.

FIRETeaspoon from Teaspoon Finance presents Zen and The Art of Personal Finance in 4 Steps .
Explore applying some of the principles of Zen to personal finance

FIRESilicon Valley Blogger from The Digerati Life presents Cheap Barbecue And Safe Fireworks: Our Fun Family Extravaganza.
A nice family event highlighting our cheap grill.

FIRETushar from Everything Finance presents High Energy Bills ? Try out these simple ideas!.
The title says it all.

FIRESuper Saver from My Wealth Builder presents Run-Flat Tires - Overpriced Insurance.
Stick with the conventional tires and pay less money to change tires.

FIRESean-Paul Kelley from The Agonist presents I Made The Mistake Of Buying... .
Read on to know more about shorting funds by yourself.

That brings us to the end of the ride. Hope you had as much fun as we did. Wait! Please don't leave yet. If you have a great story to tell, please submit it so that we can all savor it at the next edition of this carnival at Enough Wealth on 4th September.

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ThanksWe thank Andy for giving us an opportunity to host this carnival. Our heartfelt appreciation to the authors and readers of this carnival whose participation has made it a success. Now we bid adieu till we meet again on an interesting journey that would unravel more tenets of wisdom from the personal finance blogosphere.

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