Etrade Introduces Adviced Investment Accounts!


Etrade true to its mission of "Challenging The Ordinary" has come up with a new service which provides financial advice to clients who have investment accounts with them. Their analysts would analyze your financial goals and help you stay on course with their recommendations. We feel that this is a great service especially for beginners who are often perplexed with thousands of investment choices on the market.

Etrade's new Advised Investment Account gives you the personalized professional advice you need to help you reach your goals. A dedicated Financial Advisor will help you:
  • Create a sound investment plan customized just for you.
  • Develop a portfolio of mutual funds and ETFs specifically designed to meet your goals.
  • Monitor regularly and set up periodic rebalance reviews to ensure your investment plan stays on track.
All advisory services are covered by a simple, asset-based fee, with no commissions. You may call 866-420-0007 to speak to someone about this new product.

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