$75 Referral Bonus from Zecco's Refer a Friend Program!

Zecco has enhanced its FREE Zecco Friends Program aka myZecco with a new offer. Now, whenever you refer a friend who opens and funds a Zecco Trading account, you'll earn a $75 referral bonus.

Sign Up & Start Referring Your Friends at Zecco.com

  • The $75 cash reward will be credited to your existing Zecco trading account in the first 10 days of the following month after your friends open and fund their Zecco Trading accounts. Accounts must be funded within 60 days of the account opening date to qualify.

    For example, if you referred 3 friends in September and 2 friends funded their accounts before the end of September, you’ll receive $150 within the first 10 business days of October for the two, funded, new Zecco Trading Accounts. If your third refereed friend funds their account in October, you’ll receive $75 for that new, funded account within the first 10 business days of November.

  • This offer is not applicable to IRA accounts.

  • You can use the referral reward for more trades, lunch with friends, or gifts for your loved ones. The more you tell your friends about Zecco, the more you'll earn. Happy Zeccoing!