FREE Land & Handsome Living Allowances!

Oct 08, 2013: How often we think that there is no FREE lunch. But that is not really true! Says who? Says Uncle Sam, really we mean it.......

North Dakota and Kansas are giving away free land. Alaska is offering handsome living allowances. Well if it sounds too good to be true, read on to find out for yourselves.

Kansas - Free Land!

FREE LandEllsworth County, Kansas, is looking to reverse years of population decline by offering free parcels of land [1].
  • There are 23 lots available for FREE to individuals.
  • We have to be pre-qualified to build a house that is at least 1,000 square feet within two years time.
  • Other incentives are down payment assistance, tax rebates, breaks for small business and even the promise of high-speed Internet access.
  • In addition to the land, families with children are eligible to receive $1,500 to $3,000 toward a down payment when they buy in the area.
In Marquette, Kansas, 80 building lots became available for the taking in May and nearly half have been claimed. Minneapolis, Kansas, is not only offering free land to newcomers, but also a 75-percent rebate on city and school taxes for five years!

North Dakota - Free Land!

PrairieNorth Dakota is also offering attractive incentives to encourage people to move to its rural communities. In Crosby, N.D., new comers are eligible for FREE land and a welcome package that includes free memberships to the golf club, hockey club, curling club, as well as $500 worth of gift certificates redeemable at local businesses!

These states are also offering handsome incentives to entrepreneurs who want to set up businesses [1]. And according to the US Census, folks are taking advantage of these attractive incentives since the population in these rural communities have been on the rise in the last few years.

Alaska - Handsome Living Allowance!

AlaskaHigh oil prices have given a huge boost to oil rich Alaska. Today oil consumers are paying $4 billion to $5 billion more for crude oil every day than they did just five years ago [2]. Consequently oil companies and oil-producing nations have seen a rich cash flow of more than $2 trillion this year alone.

Alaska has passed on the gains to its residents by raising the annual oil dividend paid to every man, woman and child living there for a year to $1,654, an increase of $547 from last year. And we should remember that there is no income and state sales tax in Alaska.

AlaskaNew industries supporting Alaska's economy are logging, fishing and tourism. Folks who enjoy winter and love Alaska's rustic arctic foliage along with its beautiful national parks, now have an extra incentive to move to Alaska - a living allowance of $1654 per person! But one has to live in Alaska for a year before they become eligible for this allowance. Its free money and the state has no income or sales taxes either!

These are nice saving opportunities. Our current philosophy is to slowly transition our careers into ones that will allow us to work remotely. The next step would comprise of moving to a place with a low cost of living. Hopefully, these couple of steps will help us save and invest more money towards an early retirement.

But we have no clue what it is like to live in a rural community or an arctic cold climate. We look forward towards your thoughts and experiences about these incentives and the challenging living conditions.

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