Mother's Day Gift Ideas - WindowBoxes

Urban GardeningApr 29, 2009: We have loving moms. So this year we're thinking ahead on various gift ideas for Mother's day. We'd love to surprise them with simple gifts which they'd cherish. For those of us with urban moms who love to do gardening, windowboxes seem to be a great option. Gardening and working with plants are known to promote mental, physical, and emotional health. Our moms could surely do with some good health on all three fronts.

Another cool idea is to introduce them to community gardens, which are open spaces in neighborhoods where people come together to grow plants. Along with nurturing plants most people develop healthy relationships among themselves. And in the process we end up beautifying our environment, nourishing our bodies, and strengthening our communities.

While searching for windowboxes we came across a fantastic site named Along with great options for windowboxes they also had some neat ideas for planters, table top organic herbs' garden, watering, seed kits, plants for kids and many more. Here are our top picks from their offerings:
  • Riveria Self-Watering PlantersRiviera Self Watering Vision Planter

    ("Riviera Vision Planter - 9" Grey" in the search box at the top right corner to get this special 25% OFF Sale price of $15.99)

    Starting at an affordable price of $15.99 this line of self-watering planters are stylish, clever devices that work overtime to make black thumbs a thing of the past.

    Self-Watering Mechanism: The hidden reservoir catches and stores water at the bottom of the windowbox. The fabric wicking system pulls water up from the reservoir to deliver water to the plant's roots. A handy window at the bottom of the window box shows the water level in the reservoir so we know exactly when to refill! The wicking system snaps directly into the bottom of the planter. We can put soil and plants directly on top.

    Details: These planters have contemporary design, are made with tough, fade-resistant plastic that never cracks, peels, or chips and are compatible with standard window box brackets available at the site.
  • Organic Windowsill Herb GardenOrganic Windowsill Herb Garden

    "Organic Windowsill Herb Garden" in the search box at the top right corner to get to this item priced at $22.95)

    We try to eat as much organic food as possible. So we were attracted to this gift idea. This handsomely crafted redwood planter filled with a trio of fresh, certified organic herbs can add charm to our windowsill and zest to our cooking.

    Details: This 6 inch square container comes pre-planted with a trio of hand selected herbs that will grow on our windowsill, countertop or even right on our kitchen table! Looks like growing herbs in our kitchen has never been easier or more beautiful. To ensure that we receive our herbs at the peak of freshness, selection will be determined by availability.
  • Plant Minder Sensors 3pkPlant Minder Sensors 3pk

    "Plant Minder Sensors" in the search box at the top right corner to get to this item priced at $14.99)

    We were wondering what would happen to our mom's window garden when she visited us or went on a vacation. After all she'd heartbroken if her plants withered away and died while she was away. took the worry and guilt out of our minds.

    They carry this nifty pack of ceramic sensors that can be attached to any jar or pitcher of water. The specially designed ceramic point goes into the soil near our plant. When the soil requires more moisture the Sensor pulls the water from the pitcher and feeds our plant automatically. It's simple and it really works. Each order includes 3 sensors. Here is a review from a happy customer who found these sensors extremely useful.
  • I have used this type of watering sensor in the past with great success! I've always used it on 8" to 10" pots or hanging baskets and always with a plastic water reservoir that holds about a quart of water and hangs on the outside of the pot by 2 over-the-lip style hooks. A snap-down lid on the reservoir keeps it clean and allows you to fill it easily, while a small hole in the lid allows you to run the tubs of several sensors to one reservoir. Of course, the more sensors you use in a reservoir, the faster the water is used. One or two sensors per pot or basket were enough to keep the plants healthy and happy, and I had to fill them every 1 to 1/2 weeks. I was glad to find them again and thought I'd write this review." also sells garden in a bag (various herbs and flower plants starting at $6.99) and seeds along with accessories like fertilizers, proper soil for various types of plants, books and many creative urban garden innovations. We felt that the choice of these purchases are best left to the gift receivers (in this case our moms) since they are the artists who'd create the garden and maintain it.

We are looking forward towards your experiences and feedback regarding windowboxes and urban gardening. Please feel free to drop a comment.

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