6 Basic Keys for Setting Up A Successful Business

Jul 12, 2012: No matter what our professional domains are, we often face these two obstacles when we start out: inexperience and credibility. As rookies we have to work hard to overcome them. Whether it is setting up a new personal finance blog, or a web design firm or an advertising company or some other business, we need to put in sweat equity to learn the ropes of the trade to overcome our inexperience (and possible lack of working knowledge in real life scenarios). And it is a given that we have to offer quality goods or services to build our credibility.

For beginners, the road ahead is never easy. More so, for young entrepreneurs who have limited or no work experience, minimal financial resources, fledgling credit histories and no startup experience. In such scenarios it is often very hard to convince people to take our business ideas seriously.

Kiplinger has presented an interesting case study of a successful young entrepreneur named Max Durovic who founded the inventive street-advertising company Aarrow Advertising at an age of 18 years. By taking the right steps, he built a booming business before he even graduated from college. Now at age 25, he has about 350 employees in ten cities, and plans to expand overseas this year. Using this real life case, Kiplinger has provided six basic keys for setting up a successful business. If you are an entrepreneur at heart, check it out before creating your own business empire.

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