3% Cash Back from AMEX - True Earnings® Card from Costco and American Express

Costco - Amex True Earnings Credit Card
AMEX - True Earnings® Card from Costco and American Express is a great cash back card for everyone. With gas prices increasing every other day, this card lures us with a 3% cash back on gas purchases. Other attractive incentives include 3% cash back for restaurants, 2% cash back on travel and 1% cash back everywhere else including Costco.In addition, they have introduced a $25 statement credit after first purchase with the card.

Another cool thing about this card is that it doubles up as our Costco membership card. That means one less card to carry. And the best part is that it has no annual fee with a paid Costco Membership.

  • Sign Up Link: Deal & Details
  • Bonus: Earn a $25 statement credit with your first purchase made with the card.
  • Cash Back:
    • 3% for annual gasoline purchases of up to $3,000 (1% thereafter),(any individual Purchase transaction in excess of 75 gallons or equivalent dollar value will not be deemed to be a Purchase of automobile gasoline) at Costco Gasoline and domestic stand-alone gas stations, excluding gas purchased at warehouse clubs other than Costco, superstores or supermarkets.
    • 3% cash back at restaurants.
    • 2% for travel purchases from airline, lodging, car rental, cruise line, travel agency and tour operators.
    • 1% on all other Eligible Purchases, including Costco - "Eligible Purchases" include purchases of goods or services, which purchases have not been returned or otherwise rescinded, and are not subject to a credit; it does NOT include fees, Finance Charges, Cash Advances (including the use of checks, automated teller machines, or other means of accessing your Account), Balance Transfers, or adjustments to your Account or the purchase of American Express® Travelers Cheques and American Express® Gift Cheques.
    • No Limit on the Cash Back earned.
    • Redemption: Rebates are awarded annually in the form of an in-store coupon redeemable for cash or merchandise at any U.S. Costco Warehouse.
  • No annual fee with your paid Costco Membership. Amex's True Earnings Card and a Costco Membership are combined in one card.
  • APR: 0% introductory APR on purchases for the first three months. For Balance transfers, APR is 1.99% for 6 months when you transfer a balance during the first 30 days of card membership.
  • Payment Options: Pay over time or pay in full. Grace Period for repayment of the balance for purchases is 20 days if the previous balance shown on each billing statement is paid in full by each respective due date.
  • Extra Benefits: Amex has provided its standard set of extra benefits (insurances) with this card. Some of these services are free while others are fee based. Please inquire about the service charges before using them.
    • Fraud Protection Guarantee
    • Buyer's Assurance Plan
    • Purchase Protection Plan
    • Save with Amex Select Offers
    • Amex Online Travel Services
    • Emergency Check-In
    • Assured Reservations
    • Travel Accident Insurance
    • Emergency Card Replacement
    • Global Assist® Hotline
    • Online Account Management
    • Expense Management Tools
If we are Costco members then this is definitely a good card to have, since the cash back will pile up over the year. The best part is that it has a 1% cash back for our Costco shopping too. That means with a simple Costco Gold Membership, we can earn a 1% cash back for all our Costco purchases. Bingo, Go Amex!