Lottery Tickets - Our route to Wealth?

Lottery Ticket WinDec 19, 2012: Today we went to a Walgreen's store to return some gifts that we felt were not going to be useful for this Christmas. While waiting in the line for returns we overheard a conversation between two middle aged ladies standing right ahead of us.

One of the them was sharing an inspiring story about how she had saved about $40 on her medication by clipping coupons and shopping for some generic medicines. In fact, she did have a couple of $20 bills in her hand. We were very pleased to see people actually practicing frugality in real life! But perhaps we had reached our conclusion too soon.

Since the returns line was growing longer, another counter was opened to speed up the returns. The middle aged ladies were the first ones at this new counter with us right behind them. They returned some stuff and then the coupon clipper lady spent her entire booty of savings ($40) on a bunch of lottery tickets! We could not believe our eyes.

Most of us know that chances of winning money via lottery tickets are extremely slim. Akin to gambling at casinos, the house will eventually win in the long run. Our friend Neville (from NevBlog) has conducted a fun filled lottery experiment to prove the same.

In the end we left the store shaking our heads at the whimsical ways in which people try to get rich quickly. Lottery tickets can never be a trusted and proven way to wealth. What are your thoughts about becoming a millionaire via the lottery ticket route?

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