Top Ten Paid Survey Sites to Make Extra Money

Paid Survey SitesWhenever we get some free time or short breaks we use it to earn some extra money by doing paid surveys. This helps us to donate more money to our favorite charities. Last year we earned around $127 by doing paid surveys from Pine Cone Research. So we thought of expanding our paid survey portfolio to other paid survey sites as well.

We've centered our research on paid survey sites which offer cash or reward points that can be converted to cash for doing their surveys. We are not interested in paid survey sites that offer entries into sweepstakes or gift cards from selected merchants in return for completing surveys. In coming up with this list, we've also used Compete's traffic data (Nov 2008) as a yardstick to gauge a paid survey site's popularity and hence credibility to a certain extent.

Paid Survey SiteRewardsJoining LinkTraffic

Cash / Reward Points
1. Toluna/Greenfield OnlineCash + Credits (Dollars or Incentives)Toluna1,559,211

2. Pine Cone ResearchCash ($3 per survey - immediate payment via paypal)By Invitation Only1,349,874

3. My SurveyPoints that can be converted to cashMySurvey838,331

4. Light Speed Panel (Merged with MySurvey)CashUse Above Link for MySurvey446,595

5. Global Opinion PanelsPoints that can be converted to cashGlobalOpinionPanels273,792

6. Survey AdventureCashSurveyAdventure231,649

7. Survey SavvyCashSurveySavvy215,856

8. American Consumer OpinionCashAcop207,126

9. Survey4ProfitCashSurvey4Profit140,746

10. Opinion SquareCashOpinionSquare86,952

Note: Legitimate paid survey sites never ask for our credit card information. Most of them however do need our name, address and some demographics like sex, age, etc. along with a valid email address. If we choose to go with established and trust worthy paid survey sites with good privacy policies in place, then we minimize chances of our personal information being sold to third parties. But spammy paid survey sites do sell information thus increasing our susceptibility to identity theft. So it'd be sensible to do our research well before signing up at a paid survey site.

If you have been earning money using paid survey sites please leave a comment with your feedback about the sites which have worked for you. We are looking forward towards learning from your experiences :).

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