Stop Credit Card Payments - What happens after that?

Ever tempted to just stop paying your credit card bills? I mean, what's the worst that could really happen? Here is an infographic to explain how your creditors might retaliate if you stop sending them money each month. (Hint: the pipes get rustier and the rats get uglier the further down you go.) Don't let this happen to you! has designed a wonderful graphic poster titled "Don't Flush Your Credit Down." It explains what happens to our credit score when we stop our credit card payments.

Please click on the image to zoom in

The lower we go down the pipes, the smaller our credit score becomes! To depict the significance about how a low credit score is directly symbolic of a poor state in life, the pipes get rustier and the image is much darker on the bottom. Also, the rats get bigger telling us that low credit scores are "horrible."

Did you like this infographic? What is it in the image that appealed most to you? We are looking forward towards your reactions :).

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