Prevent Auto Theft & Home Burglary with Affordable Anti Theft Devices

Auto TheftDec 03, 2013: In this information age, it can be frighteningly easy for thieves and other criminals to ransack a home, hotwire and steal a car, or worse. According to the FBI, a vehicle is stolen every 26.4 seconds in the US. Last year alone, 1.2 million vehicles were stolen across the country. To make matters worse, only about 12 percent of vehicle thefts are resolved with an arrest.

We need to take more care than ever to protect ourselves and our property from desperate individuals. It is no longer sufficient just to lock our doors and hide our valuables. However all is not lost yet. We can raise the barrier for thieves with some fairly affordable anti theft devices that really work. They can help protect our vehicles and also save us some money on our auto insurance premiums since now a days we get discounts for installing anti theft devices in our cars. Here are some popular and affordable auto anti theft devices:

Car Alarm

Car AlarmOne of the most popular anti-theft devices of all times for automobiles is a car alarm. In addition to emitting sounds, many car alarms activate a vehicle’s headlights, tail lights and horn in a repetitive fashion. There are tonnes of top of the line car alarm gizmos which can cost us a lot of money. On the other hand we can have a simple one installed for as little as $150 to $200.

LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

Lo JackEach LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System includes a small radio frequency transceiver hidden in one of up to 20 places in our vehicle and has a unique code that is tied to the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). When we report a vehicle theft to the police, a routine entry into a state police crime computer results in a match of the LoJack System's unique code against the state VIN database. This automatically activates the LoJack Unit in our vehicle, which emits an inaudible signal. Law enforcement authorities who are equipped with LoJack Police Tracking Computers in their police cars and aviation units are always listening for a LoJack signal to track and recover our stolen LoJack equipped vehicle.

Over 200,000 vehicles have been recovered worldwide since this product was introduced, with over 100,000 recovered in the U.S. alone. This thing works. One of our friends' new Honda Civic was stolen from our university's campus. The cops were able to track her car and it was recovered within 24 hours!

Steering Wheel Locking Device & Column Collars

Steering Wheel LockThough a steering wheel lock is a passive anti theft device, the sight of "The Club" affixed to our steering wheel is enough to send car thieves down the line to a less-prepared victim. They come in a variety of styles and strength ratings, with prices varying between $30 and $110. We purchased one for around $80 and it has been serving us well for the past four years. Most of these devices have a key to unlock them. So we need to add this key to our car's key ring to avoid the uncomfortable situation of having lost the steering wheel lock's key!

A steering wheel column collar makes it impossible to pull the ignition and hot wire the vehicle. We can have a good one installed for about $150.

Kill SwitchKill Switch

A kill switch stops the flow of electricity and/or fuel in our vehicle and disables it from starting. They cost around $15 to $20. However, before installing one we need to check our vehicle’s warranty because in some cases they nullify warranties.

Chemical VIN Etching

Chemical VIN EtchingWe can have our Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) chemically etched into glass panels and other parts of our car or truck. VIN etching into glass has been proven to be one of the best auto theft deterrents that causes a thief to look elsewhere since it directly impacts his profits. On an average, the glass panels in a vehicle is worth around $1,500 to $2,000 which is far more than any thief is willing to incur to replace all the windows in a vehicle. But if a car thief has decided to take a car down and sell its parts then this method is no good. VIN etching costs anywhere from $20 to $100.

Wheel Locks & Electronic Keys

Car Wheel LockMost car thieves look for easy victims and speedy operations. Having wheel locks on our vehicle thwarts thieves looking for sitters. Prices for effective wheel locks are between $75 and $175.

On the same note, coded electronic keys can be made that will serve as the only method to start a vehicle. Now a days several automobile manufacturers offer it as a standard factory safety feature.

There are other devices that can slow down or stop thieves from making off with our vehicle as well. They include electronic trackers, gas pedal locks, gearshift locks, hood locks and anti-theft decals. With a well researched shopping based on our needs we can give ourselves the extra peace of mind that comes with having an active plan for vehicle theft deterrence.

Along the same lines, affordable anti-theft devices for our homes can protect our residences from unauthorized entry and valuables stored within from being stolen. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular home anti theft devices:

Home Security Monitoring Systems

Home Security Monitoring SystemsHome security monitoring systems, like ADT Home Security, greatly reduce our chances of being robbed or vandalized by notifying authorities as soon as it detects an intruder. Some service options that come with ADT are 24 hour live customer service representation, easy touch control keypad, window and door sensors, motion detectors, fire detectors, video cameras (comes with monitor and DVR) and medical companion. These systems require professional installation, monitoring fees and several other optional charges.

Yard Signs and Window Decals

Yard Signs and Window DecalsAnother simple and affordable side of home security includes non-technical devices such as yard signs and window decals. Signs are very effective and affordable anti theft devices for our home. But there is a caveat too since the signs tell everybody what home security system is protecting our house. If the burglars are smart they can get the specific circuit diagrams (for the system protecting the house) and break in. Another simple method involves strategic placement of shrubs with thorns under windows that will cause housebreakers to think twice.

Backup Power Supply

Back Up Solar Power SupplyIt's an age old fact that usually thieves target areas that are dark and are affected by power outages. Lights are excellent anti theft devices. So law enforcement professionals recommend having a backup power supply in case of natural disasters and/or blackouts. Solar power panel systems can be a great source for back up power supply. Now our home's lights will shine brightly with photovoltaic energy sources when the entire neighborhood is darkened. This system is environment friendly and frugal too.

Cameras and Motion Detectors

Cameras and Motion DetectorsFor big houses and properties it is advantageous to install cameras and motion detectors. Now a days most web cameras have an idle mode feature to detect motion inside a given room as well. Technological advancements have made the prices of these items very competitive.

However in spite of having anti theft devices it's worthwhile to remember that some of the most effective methods for vehicle and home security are completely FREE. Often they involve safe habits that we can consistently employ in our daily lives for maintaining security. Being alert, observant and aware of our environment for strangers behaving in a suspicious manner is one of the most important habits for protecting ourselves. A couple of useful traits are common sense and practical wit.

Staying safe and protecting our family, home and vehicles can be a surprisingly simplistic endeavor with good planning, minimal investment and solid habits. How about having a family meeting tonight and discussing relevant security measures to stay on top of things! Let us know what you do to keep yourselves secure and protect your valuables. Looking forward towards your comments :).

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