Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day May 26, 2014: Best wishes for a wonderful Memorial Day which was formerly known as Decoration Day. We offer our due respect and prayers to the brave souls of America who died in military service protecting this nation. Today a national moment of remembrance will take place at 3 p.m. Washington time.

Also, another great thing about Memorial Day is that it marks the official beginning of summer. For students it's a boon since school is dismissed for the next couple of months.

Selfless sacrifices can never be forgotten and even time fails to erase it from the universe. Destiny has a peculiar way of reviving them as and when the need arises. As we prepare for the picnics, barbecues, family gatherings and sporting events, we once more express our gratitude to those who have laid down their lives to protect our country. God bless their souls!

Image Source(s): iStockPhoto