10 Frugal Travel Tips for Your Summer Vacation

10 Frugal Travel Tips for Your Summer VacationThe summer is upon us, as evident by the children who were cartwheeling out of school this past Friday. Like many people, you are probably hoping to take a vacation sometime in the coming months. The economy certainly isn't travel-friendly at the moment, however. Most of us have trouble buying gas for work, let alone a road trip! Below are 10 frugal travel tips that might make a vacation more sensible for your budget.
  1. Take a vacation close to home. You don't need exotic locations to have fun. Getting away from the daily grind is usually enough.
  2. Join AAA for some great discounts - the membership will usually pay for itself with one trip.
  3. Comparison shop online for cheap airline travel.
  4. Travel with a group and share lodging, as well as other expenses.
  5. Pack your own non-perishable staples.
  6. If you are driving to your destination, stop for picnics instead of eating out.
  7. Take advantage of continental breakfasts.
  8. Avoid pricey gift shops. Instead, take home a free souvenir, such as a lovely shell from the beach.
  9. Consider a frugal trip with a natural setting, such as camping in a national park. This can save loads of money when compared to a resort of some kind.
  10. If you are traveling with young children, keep your eye out for the three magic words: Kids Eat Free.
Many Americans are overworked, as we don't put enough stock in the importance of vacations. It can help to clear your head by giving you a much-needed break from work and it can help the family to bond. Don't completely dismiss a vacation because money is a little tight. You might be able to schedule a very frugal trip by using the tips above. Good luck :-)

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