Wish you a Happy Summer!

First Day of SummerWe wish you a wonderful summer ahead. Officially summer begins today and ends on September 22nd. Summer has sweet memories for most of us. As school children, summer was a time we looked forward to. We all know the best part, "no school!" Summer vacations involved travel to distant new places. We loved to travel though it was hot. It was a fantastic way to see new things and be amazed at the beauty of our planet.

While at home we often used to hit the beach and enjoy the sea. At other times, we'd spend a quiet afternoon unleashing our creative potential doing various craft projects. It was such a joy to do new things without having to think about homework and school. Truly summers recharged us to the brim.

Now a days we try to take time off during summers to travel. But work limits us our ability to travel for weeks at a time.

We'd love to hear about your summer adventures. Please post a comment about your favorite summer pastime :). And enjoy your summer to the full!

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