Wealth Creation Needs Thought and Common Sense

Who is wealthy?GoodDayThere are people who think they are wealthy because they have an expensive house and travel abroad for exotic holidays. If they have large mortgage and credit card balances that they find difficult to reduce, then their thought of being wealthy is far from the truth. Others measure their status by their ability to pay their bills. Who do you think is better off?

The level of consumer debt suggests that few Americans are concerned by the level of spending on credit. In the days before the recession there was widespread complacency when it came to credit though the environment soon changed. As the recession receded it became clear that people were still not averse to using credit. Obviously mortgage debt is the largest percentage of overall debt and that can be positive; it funds growth in the market and potentially helps everyone to build up their assets. The news is not so good on credit card debt because of the high interest rate that is applied to credit card balances at the end of each month.

Assets and Liabilities

Assets & LiabilitiesWhen it comes to actually creating wealth (the difference between assets and liabilities), it might help to create a budget and act to reduce liabilities that might go out of control. After all, in later life there may be limited income without any significant drop in expenditure. No one will be able to make proper provision for retirement if they are struggling month after month to pay their existing bills. It is never too early to plan for retirement and put money away. But it is clearly something that is tempting to forget when there are more immediate financial problems.

Differing Priorities

PrioritiesYou should think about retirement and set financial goals. You need to be realistic because there is nothing more disheartening than planning and then finding that you are unable to hit your targets. At different times in life you are certain to face different challenges. As you set out on a career, there is a great start up cost for your independent life along with your first car. As time goes by you may be challenged to make a big deposit on your new house. Later one may face the financial difficulties that come with raising a family. And eventually, you will also face retirement.

If you have a good income but spend it all without putting something aside for emergencies and retirement you are living the so called ‘high life’ but truly you are not wealthy. If your ‘high life’ includes credit card balances then there is trouble ahead. Some assets depreciate so a nice car is not really a sign of wealth; it is only worth what someone else would pay for it and that will be an ever reducing figure. Clothes and furnishings fall into a similar category; they are not wealth creating but potentially wealth sapping.

Regular Income is the Key

Regular Income Creates WealthDebt is harmful. If you have financial problems then it can be eased with a regular income. You may need to economize your costs. Another cool way to reduce your monthly financial liabilities is to get a consolidation loan. Such a loan helps pay off your various debts, especially ones that incur a high rate of interest first. The good point is that you will have a single monthly payment which is likely to be less than the sum of all individual payments you would have made for your different debts.

This could be your first step towards building wealth. Also, an emergency fund should certainly be part of your plans. Retirement provision is a must have. You may need professional advice for retirement planning because it is a complex subject.

However, sometimes life does catch you off-guard. In those cases, if you are in dire need of money or have a bad credit, you can search online for lenders who are happy to approve loan applications for anybody who can pay the installments for the whole term of the loan. The whole process is simple and quick. The funds will get transferred to your bank account as soon as the loan is approved. But take care to make yourself aware of the interest rates for your loan. Have a plan for paying it off and make your plan work. You will not be wealthy overnight but you will be heading in the right direction of getting yourself out of a bad patch. All the best :).

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