Hypermiling - Maximize Your Car's Fuel Economy

Hypermiling - Maximize Your Car's Fuel EconomyFinding new ways to save money is always fun :). Today transportation costs are an integral part of every one's budget. Since most of us drive our own cars, we often look for ways to trim our gas expenses.

Whenever we drive, we try to save gas with good driving habits. Further, we regularly read about how we can increase our car's fuel efficiency. This weekend while doing our research on optimizing our car's gas usage, we discovered hypermiling. Wondering what it really meant, we dug on.

TurboTax Quicken Bundle 2013, 2014 - Up to 58% OFF Special Discounts, Coupons, Deals

TurboTax and Quicken (Intuit Inc.) have tied up together to offer some great Quicken TurboTax Bundles. Now you can track your income and spending in one place and enjoy a faster tax prep in one go. Check out the following deals to boost your savings!

TurboTax is offering a special "Amazon Refund Bonus Offer." If you use some (or all) of your federal refund to purchase an Amazon.com Gift Card from TurboTax, then TurboTax will give you a bonus of on an extra 10%. That means if you use $500 of your tax refund to buy an Amazon gift card from TurboTax, you would earn a bonus of $50.

Also, for a limited time, Amazon is offering a savings of an additional $2 at checkout on Turbotax Quicken Bundles. This offer is subject to change, so hurry while it lasts!

20 to 25% OFF - Budget Truck Rental Coupon - April 2014 - Discount & Promotion Codes

Apr 07, 2014: We are extremely glad to present this great truck rental deal from Budget. It offers 20-25% off any Budget truck rental!

Free Coupons for Amys' Organic Frozen Foods

We are great fans of organic food. Whenever we get time we cook organic vegetarian dishes from scratch. But during hectic work days when we have no time to cook, we often eat organic dinners and soups from Amy's.

Amy's soups and dinner entres have a fresh taste, are healthy and are palatable. Above all they are affordable. Of late we have found the best deals on Amy's Organic Food at Amazon. These Amazon deals for Amy's organic products often beat prices for the same at health food stores like Whole Foods. And most of the products qualify for Amazon's FREE Shipping. So check out Amazon for stocking up.

TaxCut (H&R Block) 2013, 2014 - Up to 55% OFF TaxCut Discount, TaxCut Coupon

Today, 2014: Here are some fine TaxCut (H&R Block) discount coupons which offer great savings for filing taxes with TaxCut (H&R Block). There is some good news folks. Amazon.com is promoting additional savings on both boxed and downloadable versions of tax products from H&R Block (formerly Taxcut). This will help you to file your taxes for less. Also, you will get a FREE federal e-file and multiple printed returns with every TaxCut 2013 product.

TurboTax Discount Codes 2013, 2014: Up to 22% OFF + FREE eFile - TurboTax Deals, TurboTax Discount Coupons

TurboTax Discount 2013, 2014 - Upto 22% OFF + FREE eFileToday, 2014: TurboTax is the leading tax software for filing taxes. So we were glad to find some good TurboTax deals which are offering cool savings on TurboTax 2013 software. It's best to maximize our savings. The more we keep our hard earned dollars in our pockets the better off we are :).

Happy April Fool's Day

Happy April Fool's DayApr 01, 2014: Happy April Fool's Day :). Best wishes for the choicest pranks and practical jokes on your friends and family.

Though April Fool's Day is not a holiday, many countries around the world celebrate it. And while the pranks last throughout the day in USA (like in Ireland & France), in some countries, the jokes only last until noon: someone who plays a trick after noon is called an "April Fool". Talking of pranks, here is one which we really liked :)!

March's Best of FIRE Finance - 2014

March welcomes SpringMar 31, 2014: March was a fantastic month since it ushered in spring. The warm sun gave us a break from winter's chilly weather. Along with spring came St Patrick's Day.

Delving into history reveals that the name of March comes from ancient Rome, when March was the first month of the year and called Martius after Mars, the Roman God of War. In Rome, where the climate is Mediterranean, March is the first month of spring, a logical point for the beginning of the year as well as the start of the military campaign season. Now that March's history is behind us, lets go "retro-marching" with joyful enthusiasm and vigor ...

Upto 44% OFF - QuickBooks Pro Discount Codes, Coupons, Downloads - 2014, 2013

Mar 27, 2014: Quickbooks Pro is one of the most popular accounting software packages in the small business segment. The latest edition, Quickbooks Pro 2014, comes with new features that help a business owner to accomplish key tasks faster with a Ribbon Toolbar and simplified layout. It has improved readability and customizable navigation which will aid you to get the information you seek faster.

Another new feature is customizable contact information in the Customer, Vendor and Employee Centers. A new tab functionality allows you to see transactions, contacts, notes and to-do's on the same page.

Now you can do more with a new suite of QuickBooks mobile apps that come with money saving features. You can test drive the apps for FREE in the App Center before you decide to buy.

Here are some cool quickbooks pro discounts that will help save your hard earned dollars.