15 to 25% OFF - Budget Truck Rental Coupon - July 2014 - Discount & Promotion Codes

July 22, 2014: We are extremely glad to present this great truck rental deal from Budget. It offers 15-25% off any Budget truck rental!

Why do we get laid off? A complicated corporate work culture ....

A simple ant
Every morning a small and simple ant arrived at work very early. Without wasting any time he started his work immediately. He produced a lot and was very happy about his contribution to his company :).

Dilbert's Personal Finance

Jul 17, 2014: We found a very pithy article (at fool.com) by Robert Brokamp about Dilbert's views on personal finance. The essence of the article is quoted as:

Save Your Wallet With These Penny Hacks

Coin TricksJul 15, 2014: Every couple of months our wallets wear out due to the stress of bulging coins on the soft leather. Often the cost of replacing a wallet varies from $10 to $25. We're wondering about ways to optimize this expense. One possible solution is to increase the life of the wallet. Another one is to do away with the use of a wallet! Since we need a wallet, we chose to go with the former one :).

On close scrutiny we found that pennies dominated the coins' section of our wallet. So getting rid of the pennies would leave the wallet flatter thus extending its life. On that note here are some cool ways of getting the pennies out of our way:

FREE courses from MIT available online

Jul 10, 2014: For those of you who are interested in advancing your knowledge through formal coursework, MIT is offering its courses online, FREE for everyone.

What is the Current Unemployment Rate?

Current Unemployment RateJul 08, 2014: Unemployment has been a rising concern since the US economy went into recession. At present, our president is trying to boost employment by providing tax cuts and tax credits to encourage businesses to hire.

In most reports concerning the US economy, the unemployment rate is frequently mentioned. But many are at a loss for understanding what this number really means. Let's take a look at the unemployment numbers and try to unravel its real meaning.

July 4th - Happy Independence Day

July 4th - Happy Independence DayJul 04, 2014: We wish you all a happy independence day. 238 years have gone by since July 3rd, 1776 when we adopted the Declaration of Independence and broke the shackles from the Kingdom of Great Britain. This is a special day since it commemorates the birth of a great free nation "The United States of America."

Improve Your Financial Luck by Incorporating

EntrepreneurJul 02, 2014: One of the best things a person can do to get on the path toward financial independence and early retirement is to start a business. There is simply no limit to what you can do as an entrepreneur. Whether you are an inventor of a product or the creator of a service, entrepreneurship is one path to enormous wealth. One of the most important steps to take in the early phases of starting a business is to form your business entity.Don’t panic.This step is not as daunting as it sounds.

Although the media is fond of using the word “corporation” to describe pinstriped, cheating fat cats, I'd like to point out that not all corporations are morally-bankrupt behemoths. I run a corporation, myself. I created it to pursue all my little entrepreneurial projects, as part of my FIRE plan. The formation of a corporation helps me keep my business and personal lives separate. And it's not that hard. In fact, if you own anything of value, you may want to consider incorporating.

10 Frugal Travel Tips for Your Summer Vacation

10 Frugal Travel Tips for Your Summer VacationJun 26, 2014: The summer is upon us, as evident by the children who were cartwheeling out of school this past Friday. Like many people, you are probably hoping to take a vacation sometime in the coming months. The economy certainly isn't travel-friendly at the moment, however. Most of us have trouble buying gas for work, let alone a road trip! Below are 10 frugal travel tips that might make a vacation more sensible for your budget.

Mutual Fund SAI - Should I Ask For It?

Jun 24, 2014: We own multiple mutual funds in our investment portfolio. These mutual funds' parent companies send us their prospectuses and annual reports on a regular basis. It is mandatory for them to do so. In this context we discovered "SAI."

Wish you a Happy Summer!

First Day of SummerJun 21, 2014: We wish you a wonderful summer ahead. Officially summer begins today and ends on September 22nd. Summer has sweet memories for most of us. As school children, summer was a time we looked forward to. We all know the best part, "no school!" Summer vacations involved travel to distant new places. We loved to travel though it was hot. It was a fantastic way to see new things and be amazed at the beauty of our planet.

Top 7 Energy Saving Tips for this Summer

Top 7 Energy Saving Tips for this Summer!Jun 17, 2014: Every summer as the heat steps up so does our utility bill. This year we are planning ahead on cutting back our energy consumption for the summer. It will do good to our environment and help us pocket a nice saving as well. After all, it makes sense to invest our hard earned dollars rather than giving them away to utility companies. Each dollar saved can help us go a long way if a rainy day comes along. So it makes all the more sense to maximize savings and optimize our energy footprint.

Energy savings during the summer revolves around its optimization in three main zones, namely: