Experiences - Etrade MMA - $50 account opening bonus - Oct-2005 to Mar-2006

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Our experience with Etrade has been smooth. We opened a MMA in the last week of October 2005 with $1100 to pocket the $50 account opening bonus. Etrade charges an early account closure fees if the account is closed within 120 days of its funding date. This implied that we could close the account in the last week of February 2006 after receiving our bonus. However, to be on the safe side, we called customer service and closed the account in second week of March 2006. We were on hold for less than a minute on the phone call. Alternatively, one can also close the account by logging onto their online accounts and sending a closure request by email. Within about 5 business days we received a bank check of approximately $1162. Please note APYs for Etrade MMAs are currently higher than those being offered in October 2005. No hassle $50!

Currently a deal similar to the one we used above has been posted by us : Popular Posts - Free Money: $50 A/C Opening Bonus for a Etrade MMA.

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