Free Money - $25 from Amex's ONE Credit Card

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Update: Current version of this deal is here!


  • Bonus: Get $25 after your first purchase. It will be deposited into the High-Yield Savings Account approximately 8-12 weeks after the first purchase transaction.
  • Other Goodies:
    • The Savings Accelerator Plan contributes 1% of eligible purchases into an FDIC-insured High-Yield Savings Account in your name. The savings a/c earns an APY of 3.80% (variable rate effective 1/19/2006).
    • With the Interest Protection feature, you never pay interest on new purchases, even when you carry a balance.
  • Annual Fees : No annual fee the first year - that is a $35 savings! Thereafter, the annual fee will be $35 for the Basic Card.
  • Total Savings for the first year = $25 (Cash bonus) + $35 (Annual Fee Waiver) = $60
  • Apply Online: Bonus Link. Already a Cardmember? SAVE TIME, CLICK HERE

Fine Print : Click here.

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