Free Entertainment Savers Guide from SBC

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FREE Saver's Guide
Often when we plan to dine out we usually search for some good deals on the web. In the process, we found this FREE deal for great coupons from Entertainment Saver's Guide courtesy SBC. The guide covers most of the restaurants in US in great details and is usually priced around $25 for the print edition. But by virtue of SBC's courtesy we are able to avail it online FREE of cost.

  • Register at the SaversGuide for access to hundreds of discounts.
  • Enjoy 50% and 20% discounts with SBC's compliments.
  • Choose from more than 75,000 discounts, redeemable in your home market or anywhere you may be traveling. Save at restaurants, hotels, retailers, attractions and more.
  • Our registration is valid for one year.
  • Coupons must be redeemed within two weeks of printing.
We also shared our experience about how we saved $18 at a dinner for two in Las Vegas, by using coupons from the Savers Guide.

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