ARFS - Introduction

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It is human nature to have a penchant towards dreaming. All successful persons were big dreamers. However, to realize many of our dreams we need a modest amount of money. A goal of having a secured financial future is by all means a wise and pragmatic one. Just like any other goal, it can be achieved through discipline, determination and diligence. While a few may get rich through a successful jackpot win at the lotto or by receiving gifts from wealthy relatives, for most of us the only way to attain financial security is via saving and long term investing.

No one is born with the knowledge of investing, it is an acquired skill. We did not know anything about investing either. However we set out on the journey to acquire the knowledge needed to develop the skill of investing. We started with some basic information, continued to invest time and kept reading the experiences recorded in the books written by trustworthy doyens of the finance industry. With time we became smarter.

We would like to encourage our readers to get serious about this very important dream – financial security – and start investing sooner than later. We need to plan and buy our future and retirement in the same manner as we plan and buy big ticket items, like a huge plasma tv or a car or a dream house.

Buying our retirement! What’s that?

Yes our dear friends, we have to invest now to secure ourselves a comfortable retirement. In other words pay now for the cost of retirement tomorrow. For most of us the future cost is going to be higher than what it is now. Why? Please read on.

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