Banking - New Citibank E-Savings with 4.5% APY

Finally Citibank has created an online only savings account to compete with the other online banks in terms of interest rates (APY). This is very good news specially when we take into account their reputation. Citigroup, the parent conglomerate, is one of the largest financial services company in the world with business history dating back to 1812. It definitely gives the added peace of mind that our money is in safe hands as compared to unknown and unheard of online banks (quite often fledglings and without any track record).

E-Savings is an online savings account that earns a robust 4.50% APY (as of 03/28/06) with no minimum balance required. When you apply for e-Savings, you also get a Citibank EZ Checking account. Watch your money grow and get total control over your finances at the same time.

E-Savings - Highlights :

  • Offer Code CS22
  • 4.5% APY (as of 03/28/06).
  • No minimum to earn the interest rate.
  • To avoid maintenance fee
    • $1500 monthly avg, OR
    • At least 2 online bill pay per statement period from regular checking, OR
    • Direct deposit to regular checking.
  • FDIC insured upto $250,000.
  • Transfer money to EZ Checking only when needed so that it keeps earning interest in E-Savings.

EZ Checking - Highlights :

  • Free online bill pay.
  • Online Fraud Protection.
  • Free Wireless Alerts.
  • View statements and check images online.
  • Nationwide ATM access for deposit.
  • Worldwide ATM access for withdrawal.

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