Ink Cartridge Trade-In - Office Depot

Sep 26, 2013: Office Depot is running a recycle program for ink cartridges. Now you can trade in ink cartridges and toners from all brands (old and empty ones, of course) in an Office Depot Store and earn 200 reward points in rewards. Recycling Rewards will be granted up to 10 cartridges per calendar month.

There's a purchase requirement to qualify for recycling each calendar month. You need to make a qualified minimum purchase of $10 in-store or online. Damaged cartridges may be declined by Office Depot.

Recycling Rewards Points are paid out in increments of 1000 every month along with other purchases' standard and bonus rewards points. 1000 rewards points is equivalent to $10. These points are given as Rewards Certificates which can be used for Office Depot purchases in-store, online or by phone.

Also, we've noticed that Office Depot's ink cartridges are cheaper than those from brand names like HP, Canon, Lexmark and more. That's definitely a win win :). Check out Ink Depot for cool deals on ink cartridges and toners.

It's interesting to note that Office Depot has helped recycle over 58.8 million ink and toner cartridges since 2003. Their remanufactured cartridge program is thus helping to keep waste out of landfills. Now, you too can help create less waste by trading in your empty ink and toner cartridges for a greener planet :).

Today we purchased an ink cartridge for our All-In-One Inkjet printer from Office Depot. They are offering an exchange program where we can trade in our empty ink cartridge for a free ream of copy paper. Alternately, they are also offering $3 off the price of a new ink cartridge for the trade in, if we do not need a ream of paper. Moreover we found out that Office Depot has their own series of re-manufactured ink cartridges priced at about 77% of the price of an original Lexmark ink cartridge.

The regular price of a black and white Lexmark ink cartridge for our All-In-One Inkjet printer at Office Depot is $32.89 . We purchased Office Depot's re-manufactured ink cartridge for $25.49 which saved us $7.4. Adding the $3 discount (by trading in the empty ink cartridge) brought our savings to $10.40 !! That was a little more than 31% off the price of an original Lexmark ink cartridge and was a neat deal with respect to savings and the environment as well. Now we have to check out the performance of Office Depot's re-manufactured ink cartridge on our printer and see if the money was worth it.

Office Max is having a similar exchange program. They also have their own series of compatible or re-manufactured cartridges. Next time we shall check them out.

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