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We were researching about buying boxes online when we found out about this new company named Usedcardboardboxes. Usedcardboxes was earlier known as Boomerangboxes. Usedcardboxes is doing a great job in recycling the moving boxes which is very environment friendly.

On top of that, we get to buy used cardboard boxes for our moving at HALF the prices of new ones available from a traditional retailer. In addition, they provide local delivery, which saves the driving time and gas spent in looking around for boxes and trying to fit them in our cars. The best part is that they can also pickup and remove our used boxes and packing material after we have moved.

So not only do we not have to break the boxes and trash them anymore, but we can make money since Usedcardboxes provides a Boomerang Box Exchange where we can sell our boxes.

Their motto of "Save Time, Save Money, Save Trees" have been successfully implemented through their system of "Rescue, Resell, Recycle" and they are expanding nationwide. They have also been reviewed by the magazine Entrepreneur.

This is a very good venture which has created a win-win scenario for both the consumers and Mother Nature. We hope this information helps all our readers who are moving and need boxes at cheaper prices than those offered by traditional retailers.

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