Experiences - EverBank Really Did Keep Its Promise!

[This post is written and copyrighted by FIRE Finance (http://firefinance.blogspot.com).]

This is a follow up of the sweet Free Money - EverBank Gives $50 for Grudges offer that we posted in first week of July. As soon as our FreeNet Checking account became a week over 3 months old from date of funding, we promptly called Everbank and expressed our wish to close the account. We also requested the $50 check for Satisfaction Guarantee. We were told to either mail or fax such a request along with the following:

  • Reason for closing the account.
  • Mailing address for the bank check.
  • Signature of account holders.

We sent in a fax with a request for closure of our Free Net Checking a/c. The reason for our closure was stated as the availability of higher interest rates (after the 3 month introductory rate at Everbank expired) at other online banks. We also stated that we have satisfied all the necessary conditions for the $50 bonus including bill payments using their online Bill Payment feature.

Within a couple of weeks, Everbank sent us our $50 check ! Thanks to Everbank for the great 3 months introductory rate and $50 bonus for guaranteed satisfaction with their FreeNet Checking account.

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