Experiences - Citi Amex Credit Card Deal Pays $100!

In August 2006, we had written about a $100 free money deal from Citibank's Diamond Preferred Rewards American Express Card. We had availed this offer and had opened a Citi Amex credit card account. We are pretty enthusiastic about the fact that we got an Amex Credit Card from Citibank that pays back 5% for every $1 spent at supermarkets, drugstores and gas stations for 12 months. Finally we will be earning 5% cash back on our Costco purchases. Normally Costco (consumer) members earn 1% on their purchases at Costco with a True Earnings Amex Consumer Credit Card from Costco.

We received 10000 Thank You Points in our Thank You Network account last month, after we had made a purchase with our Citi Amex card and received the first statement. Citibank as usual is very prompt in crediting the points and we did not have to call their customer service to follow up on our points. With our 10000 Thank You Points we ordered a $100 Target Gift Card. This time we did not order gas cards since there were no cards worth $100 (or two $50 cards) for 10000 points. The price of the gas cards have gone up to 6000 points (from 5000 points) for a $50 Shell or Exxon Mobile gas card. So we chose Target's $100 Gift Card which gave us a buying power of $100 for our 10000 points.

We received our $100 Target Gift Card within a couple of weeks after we had ordered it online. Gleefully last weekend we went on a shopping spree at Target. We purchased a couple of good quality ergonomic back packs from Trans (JanSport) with Ascender cushion technology padded shoulder straps. Hopefully our backs will be protected with these great back packs which distribute the weight well along the back and the hips thus giving a feeling of weightlessness.

We are looking forward towards hearing from our readers about their experiences with this deal.

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