FIRE Finance Becomes A Celebrity And Wins An Oscar This Week!

This is such an awesome news that we could not hold it off till the weekend to present it during our usual tour of personal finance blogosphere's Carnivals and Festivals. At Hollywood, the celebrities walked away with their Academy awards last week. We did the same today!

Oscar CelebrityCarnival of Personal Finance #89 has made us an Investing Celebrity. This is a teaser, can you guess who we are? Check the picture on the right. Kindly leave your answers identifying this celebrity who represents us this week at the COPF:).

Now for the best part. At The Oscars of Investing, FIRE Finance walked away with the "The Best Special Effects (Technical Explanation)". Here is our award citation:

"The Oscar for Best Special Effects (Technical Explanation) goes to TWO Nominees, in an extremely close race. Approximating Social Security’s Rate of Return and Investing - Asset Allocation - Part 4!!"

With great thrill and enthusiasm we thank our award committee members Binary Dollar and William Wallets of A Financial Revolution for their superb effort and excellent presentations. Our heartiest thanks to the personal finance community and our audience for their support and inspiration.