Fire Finance in Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs!

We are pleased to announce that Ask The Advisor has included us in their list of "Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs". According to Technorati, there are over 800 personal finance blogs. In that scenario it really feels nice that we made it to the top 100! We thank our audience for their support and loyalty.

We quote Ask The Advisor on their criteria of ranking used for coming up with their list:

"According to the 2006 "World Wealth Report", there were 8.7 million millionaires worldwide in 2005, a 6.5% increase from 2004. So pfblogs are likely to grow in popularity. Here's a sampling of 100 pfblogs, chosen based on a multitude of criteria ranging from Alexa ranking to Technorati ranking. Some of the bloggers indicated here are financial experts, others share their hard-learned wisdom, baring their finances and souls."

We have been listed at number 26 under "Finances" whose category description is "All the blogs here are about personal finance, but these are extra-focused."

We thank Ask The Advisor, fellow bloggers of the personal finance blogosphere and our audience for their continued support and friendship.