We want to share that the following website is stealing our content without any reference or acknowledgment of its source. This is one of the most distasteful acts. We understand there are some "underground" websites who replicate entire websites to give free access to "netizens" who live in places where access to information on the web is censored. We would have been tolerant if this was the case. But no, this site is running a host of ads along side the posts. Obviously the intent here is to generate traffic and earn money albeit without much efforts - free ride eh!

It seems they are very actively monitoring our blog. Within minutes of publishing a post at Fire Finance, the entire content of the post is appearing at the above mentioned website along with pictures and charts. Of course all the links to our blog have been deliberately removed by the website before the content is published. Apparently they are running some scripts to remove all the links. The site has no email address or contact information (another reason to be suspicious). To be fair we have left a comment politely requesting them to stop their illegal actions but in vain.

The website has various directories replete with many posts which we suspect are stolen as well from numerous other blogs on the internet. We would like to encourage all our fellow bloggers to investigate and determine if their blogs are victims or not.

If necessary we would certainly take legal actions against the owners of the above mentioned website. We sincerely request our readers to email us (or leave comments) with any information and ideas you have that would help us tackle this situation.

To the owners of Please stop stealing anyone's content!

To all fellow bloggers: Unite and fight back!

  • Entire content of posts are being actively stolen.
  • All links to original blog are being removed deliberately from all posts.
  • No mention, reference or acknowledgment of source blog.
  • No contact info.
  • No response to comments.
  • Lots of ads are being run on the website.
Action Items
We shall keep you all updated about our progress in dealing with plagiarism.