Beware of TripRewards - Account Closed Silently

Trip RewardsWe had an account with TripRewards. Over last few years we had diligently accumulated more than 5300 points in that account through various bookings for car rentals and hotel stays. After receiving the points in our account we rested easy on the thought that they'd be good to go till they expire. Now comes the twist to the story.

This week we started planning for our two month long summer trip across the country (USA). It appeared to be a good time to redeem those TripRewards points. So we tried logging into our account. Guess what? A message said that the account did not exist!

ShockedPerplexed, we called TripReward's customer service. We were shocked to discover that our account was indeed closed! The worst part unfolded when their representative rudely informed us that all our hard earned points were lost and could not be recovered.

Here is the summary of the lesson that we learnt:
  • A TripRewards account is closed if there is no activity (aka hotel or car bookings) in the account for 18 months.
  • All accumulated points expire when an account is closed.
  • According to their terms and conditions no notification (email or snail mail) is sent to the account holder about the account closure either before or after the closure.
We were not only stunned but also felt hurt at the rude behavior of the customer service representative. It was as if salt was being rubbed to our wounds with great (sadist) pleasure!

Upon sincere reflection the following questions arose in our minds:
  • Was it ethical on part of TripRewards to close the account without informing us?
  • Did it really make any business sense whatsoever to dupe its own customers?
  • Does such an act help create a loyal customer base?
  • Will our next generation learn ethics from this sort of so called "smart" business tactics?
  • In the short run TripRewards saved a mere 5300 points, but what are the long term effects of this act?
Sadly for TripRewards we have decided to stay away from them forever and take our business elsewhere. This incident has left a sour taste in our mouth. We leave it up to the wisdom of our readers to arrive at their own conclusions.

What do you think about the business policy of Trip Rewards?

Ethical Loyal To Customers Selfish Not Customer Friendly

Non Ethical No Opinion

Action Item: We would request our audience to log on to their TripRewards account to ensure that it is active. If you see yourself not using the account (for booking travel) in the next 12 months or your last account activity has been almost a year ago then please make plans to redeem your rewards at the earliest. Instead of 18 months we have suggested a cut-off period of 12 months so that you have enough time to redeem and use the points.

We hope that our experience will aid our audience from inadvertently falling into this trap laid by TripRewards. It never hurts to be careful and proactive.

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