Free Poster From Poster XXL!

This year we are working hard to make Mother's Day a special event for our fantastic moms. A couple of days ago we ordered personalized gifts from Zazzle. Today we went in search of some deals for printing online posters with photographs of yesteryears for our great moms. In the process we found a great promotion from this hitherto unheard company named Poster XXL.

They are offering a FREE 12" X 16" poster on quality 230g/m² satin photo paper! All we need to do is to upload our favorite photo in jpeg format (less than 20 MB). For photos greater than 20 MB in size we can contact them for arranging a suitable way of sending it on CDs or DVDs. We would have preferred it if they had allowed us to upload or email them the large photos instead of burning and mailing CDs or DVDs.

Their posters are ready for dispatch in 24 hours. However we need to pay a shipping charge of $7.99. The best part of the shipping charge is that it is flat and does not depend on the number of posters we are ordering. If we order more than $50 worth of posters the shipping is FREE! Here is the current rate chart for different formats of posters:

FREE POSTER We found these rates very reasonable. If you find a better deal let us know since we will be ordering more posters for our business in a few months. We hope you enjoy your FREE 12" X 16" poster poster courtesy Poster XXL.

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