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This week we were busy ordering some customized gear for our personal needs. It involved printing of artwork on baseball caps and aprons. Since this was a big first time for us, we did a good research of the various online stores like CafePress, Zazzle, iPrint and others in their lot.

ZazzleTo cut a long story short, we found that Zazzle was a perfect fit for our needs with respect to quality of goods and price. Also, they emerged winners on the presentation front. Their ajax enabled website made the creation of our artwork and customized goods a pleasure as well as a breeze!

Since we are savvy online shoppers, we never make an online purchase unless we have had a good go at procuring online coupons and promotion codes. We found quite a few coupons and promotion codes for Zazzle which will help you save money while Zazzling. These promotions helped us save around $40 on a purchase of $130 which amounts to a whopping 30%!

These coupon codes have to be entered during check out:

  • MOMDAYZAZZLE - Get $5 OFF $25 - Expires 5/14/2007
  • COUPONBELLA8 - Get $10 Off $50 - Expires 5/14/2007
  • SAVINGSCTR07 - Get $10 Off $50 - Expires 5/14/2007
  • COUPONMTN888 - Get $10 Off $50 - Expires 5/14/2007
  • COUPON8CRAZE - Get $10 Off $50 - Expires 5/14/2007
Here are some of our personal coupon codes that can be used only once; so whoever reads this post and uses it first gets the discount:
  • IMFBJHQPEQBRLKREDSOV - 5% off your next purchase - Expires 5/16/2007
  • UMLDXRGLTEQNOMNRYDZP - 5% off your next purchase - Expires 5/16/2007
  • UYFKCCRVCMIDMXCAMLLM - 10% off your next purchase - Expires 6/8/2007
EbatesSince we save a lot of money using ebates we checked whether Zazzle was a part of their network of stores. Sure enough it was. Ebates is offering a 6% discount for Zazzle! That is an additional freebie for those with accounts at Ebates. Please log onto your ebates accounts, search for Zazzle and go their website through the link provided by Ebates. For folks who are new to ebates, it might be a good idea to get an account with them and start saving your hard earned dollars.

Well that is the end of our Zazzle story for today. We shall continue to explore this awesome online storehouse of creativity in the coming weeks. If we stumble upon any great deals we shall post it immediately. Stay tuned!

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