FREE ATMs from Citibank!

We have been customers of Citibank for years now. One thing that is really commendable about them is their superb customer service. They have really invested energy and money in building an excellent quality of personnel serving their customers all over the world with care and integrity.

Now to add to that superb customer service Citibank has introduced FREE ATMs for their worldwide customers. We would not have to pay a dime to use any of their thousands of ATMs spread across 40 countries over the globe. This holds for their online customers too!

But what if you don't live near a Citibank Financial Center?

That is no problem at all! Citibank will even reimburse the fees that other institutions may charge you for ATM usage. To qualify, you just need to have:
  • Initiated your Citibank relationship by opening your account through Citibank Online
  • A mailing address outside an area serviced by a Citibank Financial Center three months after opening your account online
  • A Citibank EZ Checking, Citibank Account, or Citibank Everything Counts account package
We acquiesce with their sales pitch:
"Free's more than just another word for Citibank Online account holders – it’s access to your money no matter where you are or where you’re going."
Well that is really cool! Thanks Citibank for making our lives easier with FREE ATMs.

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