FREE PC Check - Test Your PC Security & Health With Zone Alarm!


In this modern electronic world, most of us use our computers to accomplish a big chunk of our personal finance tasks. This is a great convenience provided to us by the internet. No matter where we are in the world, we can stay touch with our finances through the web. But we have to be careful about the threats that accompany this new convenience. One common threat is computer viruses which can attack our PCs at any time and destroy our personal files. A preventive measure is to conduct systematic system checkups regularly.

Being frugal, we keep an eye for good quality FREE software that would help us to monitor our PC's health. Recently we came across this great FREE tool from a trusted source "Zone Alarm". This FREE tool has been named "Zone Alarm - System Check Up". It quickly tests our pc's health and security by performing a rapid analysis of the most critical parts of our PC's system and then automatically generates a detailed report that provides information on overall security, optimization levels, clutter, and hidden errors that cause crashes, instability, and decreased performance.

Zone Alarm has conducted a survey with interesting results:
  • 40% of 35,000 computers were infected with spyware
  • The average system was clogged to over 200mb of unneeded clutter
  • 64% were slowed by improper Internet settings
How is your PC faring with respect to the results of the above survey? If you wish to find out, try Zone Alarms's FREE PC check up by clicking here.


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