Visa Extra - 5000 Bonus Points From Wachovia!

Our cross country fund raising tour has begun. From the east coast we flew to Seattle on the west coast. The weather is fantastic and so is the place especially Mt. Rainier. So here we go, writing about personal finance from Seattle.

We are great fans of our credit cards because of its cash back points and rewards. Since we use them in a disciplined manner and pay off our bills completely every month we actually end up making money annually from the rewards and cash backs. Consequently our debit cards lie idle unless we need to withdraw some cash from the ATMs.

But it seems that the banks are catching up on the game of reward points and cash backs. Wachovia is offering 5000 bonus points right away when you enroll their Visa Check (Debit) Card to Visa Extras.

  • Enroll by June 30, 2007 to get 5000 sign-up bonus points.
  • You earn 1 point for every dollar in purchases. Just be sure to sign the receipt when you pay (purchases made using a PIN do not earn points).
  • Enroll online at or call 1-800-960-8472
  • Wachovia is offering this program FREE.

We feel that this program will help Wachovia's customers get back something from their regular shoppings with their Debit cards. Happy shopping with reward points from Visa Extras!

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