Apple Up On New Ipod Rumors!

New iPod

Apple Inc. rose by nearly 6 percent based on rumors of launch of a new iPod line on September 5th. This rumor has helped the company's stock to climb by $5.74 to $132.56 in early trading on the NASDAQ. Cupertino-based Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) closed the day at $134.08.

David Bailey, a Goldman Sachs analyst, said the event is "the almost certain launch of a new family of iPods." Another release from Goldman Sachs stated:
“The product announcement is likely to include a full line-up of revamped iPods with significantly greater functionality at current price points, including the much-anticipated full-screen video iPod.”
So let is wait and watch what Mr. Steve Jobs presents to us on 5th September. Being fans of Apple's products we are looking forward towards the event. And those of us who had invested in Apple will be happy with the gains and hope that it continues to rise.

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