Viral - Internet People Check Your Addiction Level!

The Internet PeopleThank God it's Friday! Well we are not talking of the restaurant chain TGIF, but about our lives where we look forward to Friday. It gives us a welcome break from the stress of making a living aka "job." This Friday we decided to take a break from the world of personal finance and its plethora of information on money management.

One way for netizens to have fun is "YouTube!" We love cartoons and funny videos especially the viral ones. So we were enthralled when we saw this wonderful 3 minute animated video titled "Internet People" by Dan Meth which features most YouTube clips that have gone viral!

Meth's video provides a cool way of checking our YouTube addiction level. Do "Evolution of Dance, Embarrassed Simpsons, Diet Coke with Mentos, Bride Cuts Hair, Shakira Spoof, Lonely girl ............." ring a bell? So what's your addiction level?