Citi Upromise Credit Card - Enhance Your College Fund's Savings!

College costs are rising every year and we have to plan well to send our kids to good universities. In fact, the secret to having an ample college fund is to get started as early as possible.

Upromise is a popular means to save money for college. In addition to earning cash back from our purchases, we can further enhance our savings by incorporating Citibank's Upromise Mastercard which provides up to 10% EXTRA college savings on eligible purchases.

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  • 10% EXTRA college savings on eligible grocery and drug store items
    • Use a grocery or drug store loyalty card registered in your Upromise account at checkout if the participating grocery or drug store offers a loyalty card.
    • Please note that your Citi Upromise MasterCard and your grocery and drug store loyalty cards must be registered in the same Upromise account.
    • The college savings that you can earn for such grocery and drug store purchases are unlimited in amount.
  • 2% EXTRA college savings on eligible gas purchases at Exxon & Mobil
  • 1% college savings on all your purchases
    • Limited to a max. of $300 per card account per calendar year
    • Until you reach the annual cap on 1% college savings, the 1% college savings earned on purchases allows you to earn a total of:
      • 11% college savings on grocery and drug store purchases that are eligible for the 10% college savings described above
      • 3% college savings on gasoline purchases that are eligible for the 2% college savings described above at Exxon and Mobil locations.
  • NO Annual Fee
  • 0% APR on balance transfers for 12 months, fees applies for each transfer
This is a great way to make our purchases pay us back to send our children to good colleges. Not only that, it also aids to offset the costs for a child currently working toward a degree, or wanting a faster way to repay existing college loans. Happy Upromise Savings towards a great education!

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