TaxACT Online - Over 20% Discount for Returning Customers

Are you are looking to file your 2011 federal returns completely FREE with TaxAct? Then you have come to right place. FREE filing with TaxACT can get you your refund very fast. For FREE preparation, printing and efile with TaxACT use the following link.

Some proactive steps and a little organization may save us a lot of frustrating hours later on during the crunch time of tax filing. In addition, here is a great opportunity of earning a discount of 20% on our favorite tax filing software.

We have been using TaxACT Online for several consecutive years now. Last year we had e-filed federal and a couple of state tax returns using their online software. The filings went by smoothly without any hitches. Also, the tax refunds arrived in our bank accounts in almost no time! A quick tip for receiving fast tax refunds is to use direct deposit. It is free, convenient, safe, fast and saves trees.

This year TaxACT has increased the price for their Online Ultimate Bundle (e-file federal and one state) to $17.95. However returning customers and early birds can save 20% off the above price.

TaxACT has sent out emails with this deal to their customers. Please check your email account (the one you had used to file last year's tax returns using TaxAct Online). In case, you do not find the email in your inbox, we suggest that you check your junk or spam and trash folders too.

With the Preview Version, you can get a head start by:
  • Importing your tax return from last year. It's easy to import last year's data since you used TaxACT Online.
  • Starting your year-end federal and state tax planning. With the State Tax Planner, you simply select Step 4 (State Q&A) and answer a few state specific questions to estimate your state taxes for this year.
  • Keeping track of charitable donations or other itemized deductions through the end of the year in the "Details" option found on every entry screen. That way, you would not forget to enter them as a deduction on your taxes when you are ready to file your return.
  • Locking in Preview pricing. Just start your TaxACT Online account today, and you will pay only when you file your federal + state returns and earn your discount of 20%.
There is NO cost to start a TaxACT Online return. You can take advantage of all the expert tax features of the TaxACT Online Bundle and pay only when you are ready to file your taxes. There is no commitment, so it might be worthwhile to get started today!

Needless to say, we gladly accepted the offer. We went ahead and started our tax return and locked in our discounted price! We noticed some enhancements in their latest version.
  • More Part-Year/NonResident States - This year TaxACT has added more state forms allowing an even greater number of taxpayers with a part-year or nonresident status to complete their return.
  • Improved State Interview - Completing your state return has never been easier with TaxACT's intuitive easy-to-understand and comprehensive interview process.
  • 15 New Life Events - From buying a home to adopting a child, TaxACT continues to provide guidance on the tax consequences of major life events like Bankruptcy, Child Care Expenses, Community Property States, First Job/First Time Filing, Foreclosure/Abandonment, Foreign Nationals, Hosting an Exchange Student, Major Illness, Military, Multiple State Filings, Nonbusiness Bad Debts, Purchased A Vehicle, Received An IRS Notice, Received Tip Income, and Sold A Home.
We would certainly encourage all TaxACT users to consider this offer seriously for the following reasons:
  • TaxACT Online is one of the top three tax filing softwares
  • Cheapest among the top three
  • No payments to be made now, pay only when we actually e-file
  • Good online tips and interface
  • Getting started now gives us 20% discount on the already low price
  • Helps us get organized early on
Let us be proactive and make tax time a bit less taxing! We wish good luck to you all.

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