10% Discount on Lifelock Identity Theft Prevention

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10% Discount on Lifelock Identity Theft Prevention
Famous for its CEO giving out his Social Security Number in advertising and national press, LifeLock is the only Identity Theft Prevention Solution backed by a one-million dollar guarantee. This program has received a five-star rating in the industry of Identity Theft. Also, LifeLock was the only Identity Theft Prevention company to receive the highest rating from TopConsumerReviews.com. Currently they are offering a 10% discount on their services. Let's delve into the details of Lifelock's identity theft program.

  • Only $10 per Month
  • Proactive Identity Theft Protection: As soon as we enroll with Lifelock's Identity Theft services, they'll set up fraud alerts on our behalf with major credit bureaus. Consequently, creditors will be required to verify our identity before opening any new lines of credit, issuing new cards or increasing our credit limit. This step will be repeated every 90 days. In addition, every time we apply for new credit or someone tries to do something with our credit, we should receive a phone call from the bank asking if we are actually the person applying for credit in our name. If we are, it goes through. Else, the transaction stops. Lifelock will request credit reports from the major credit bureaus every 12 months which will be sent directly to us.
  • Reduce Junk Mail: Not only is junk mail annoying, statistics show it’s also one of the most common ways thieves hijack our identity. Lifelock will process a request to remove our name from Junk Mail lists.
  • Reduce Credit Card Offers: Like junk mail, by blocking irritating pre-approved credit offers, they'll try to block one of the avenues thieves use to steal our identity.
  • $1 Million Service Guarantee: Lifelock's service guarantee is simple, but it is limited. They'll pay up to $1,000,000 to cure the failure or defect in their service, per member, per lifetime for all incidents in the aggregate, regardless of circumstance. They will not reimburse special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages, such as lost wages or profits, loss of business, or lost opportunities. Other than their service guarantee, they make no representation or warranty about their service of any kind. Also, they disclaim any implied warranties outside of the service guarantee, such as a warranty of merchantability or fitness of their service for any particular purpose.
In addition, Lifelock also provides services for support if our wallet is ever lost or stolen and constant identity monitoring with packages like eRecon and TrueAddress. At $10 per month, it's services are pretty affordable. We've got to try it for a month to see how well it works for us. Looking forward towards your feedback and experiences with LifeLock's id theft services.

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